Discover Laura!

Tour Original Homes and School


  •  Original Surveyors' House from Wilder's fifth book, "By the Shores of Silver Lake"

  • Original Ingalls Home built by Charles "Pa" Ingalls in 1887-1889

  • Original First School of De Smet attended by Laura and her sister, Carrie

  •  Exhibition view original Ingalls-Wilder artifacts! 

Learn More!


  •  The Discover Center for some hands-on fun!

  • Tour Calumet Avenue- walk De Smet's main street and read about the businesses.

  • De Smet Cemetery-visit the grave sites of the Ingalls family and their friends and neighbors.

De Smet Attractions


  • Visit Charles "Pa" Ingalls homestead one mile southeast of De Smet.

  •  Visit the five original cottonwood trees that "Pa" planted for his wife, Caroline, and his four daughters on the first acre of the Ingalls Homestead

  • Visit Almanzo Wilder's homestead and tree claim north of De Smet on Hwy 25.



 Please allow a minimum of 1.5 hours to complete the tour of the Historic Homes, including our exhibit and hands-on Discovery Center. 


Tour tickets may be purchased at the Gift Shop at 105 Olivet Avenue, one block south of the Courthouse.


Parking is available to the north of our Gift Shop and along side the premises. 

RVs and Campers are welcome!

Pet Policy

Service animals are welcome. 

Pets are not allowed in the buildings.


The Gift Shop, Surveyors' House, First School and first floor of the Ingalls Home are wheelchair accessible. 


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De Smet Map

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